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Panic Diary Translations
Bad News 
26th-Jul-2007 11:28 pm
So, I'm sorry to all the fans, but I'm thinking of stopping this community. I won't cancel it, so I'll leave it open still, but I won't be updating anymore.

I just don't feel as excited about Panic Channel as much as I used to be. And I know music is not a phase and it's not something I should be on and off about, but what I used to feel about them before and how I feel about them now is really different and I can't get motivated to translate their blogs anymore -__-;;

I'm really sorry to the fans!!! Hopefully someone else can translate their entries from now on.
However, if anyone has a small request like a couple entries or something, you guys can e-mail me anytime. I'll still be translating for people, I just won't be updating this community anymore.
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