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Panic Diary Translations
28th-Aug-2007 10:00 pm
So, I got a request to translate the entries for 829 no hi (Panic Day), and since it's PANIC DAY in Japan today, I decided to translate them ^_^
If you guys wanted a specific entry translated that I didn't do here, then just tell me. (I only did the entries for 8/28 and 8/29)



August 28 [Tue], 2007, 15:48

(no title)
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So finally...tomorrow...


August 28 [Tue], 2007, 22:31

(no title)

Finally tomorrow... The once in a year event, 8/29 (Panic Day). We have always done one-mans or sponsored lives. This is also a day where I can evaluate myself.
I used to go to the Pani-chan lives long time ago...I'm a fan of an ex-member...I like Pani-chan's music...I like PANIC☆ch, I like the Pani-chan right now...I've heard of the name before...I used to go before, but I don't go anymore......
To say the truth, all that doesn't matter...Whoever wants to come, come and go wild and then leave..Building up one thing together, having fun together, crying together, and going wild together......I think it's an amazing thing. School is annoying...my lover is annoying...parents are annoying...friends are annoying...to those who apply to even just one of these...please go wild and let it all out..After the end of the live...Most likely something will change...and you will feel something...
So that something will change...I will stand on stage tomorrow prepared to die.
So everyone too, please have fun prepared to die, and just forget about all those things you hate...The members are of course like this too, but...for me personally, tomorrow is a really important...significant day, so please lend me your guys's strength...
I'm sure tomorrow everyone individually will have their own different feelings as they enter the hall.
It doesn't matter whether somone is like this, or if someone is like that...
The time when I am letting out my voice, the time when the members are letting out their sounds......just that time...just that moment is ok...please become one......
We will see you guys at the hall tomorrow...And, let's all sweat together and have fun together!!


August 29 [Wed], 2007, 10:25

(no title)

Today has finally come...I had all kinds of emotions and complex thoughts mixing together, so I couldn't sleep at all...I slept very lightly or something like that...I'd like to make this day a day left with no regrets. Please feel the love with my hand motions and my shouts. And I'd be happy if you guys would answer back with a response..



o(^-^)o / 2007年08月28日(Tue)
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It got really clean o(^-^)o

Today was a whole day of rehearsal, and I came back a little earlier and the guitar team came to my house and did some practical work f^_^;

It's heavy, and it's big(;´・`)

I'm tired(*_*)

These days I'm going to TSUTAYA like every day, yet I still can't borrow the newest one of Prison Break...

I just went to the local TSUTAYA right now on the way back from shopping a little bit, and they didn't have it again...

When am I going to be able to see it...

Well, more than Prison Break, tomorrow is finally 829 DAY!!

It's finally here(-.-;)

We really waited long☆

Please wait just one more day o(^-^)o


Refresh / 2007年08月28日(Tue)
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Today I got to take alone time for myself, so I got to relax my body a bit for a change o(^-^)o

And so, I went out to drink with my family for a change☆

I wonder how many times we've gone out like this as a whole family to drink?

It actually might be the first time(>_<)

I'm glad I got to refresh like this before the special day for me tomorrow o(^-^)o

It seems like it's gonna rain tomorrow, but I wonder if it'll just suddenly become sunny?


Finally / 2007年08月29日(Wed)

It's finally today!

It's a feeling I have never felt before at any tour final or sponsored live, or a day before a oneman.

It's a weird kind of calm-ness in my heart that is different from nervousness...

I'm probably going to explode once one stage.

I am very happy to be able to be at this place, at this time like this☆

Let's meet eachother today with the best smiles!!

Seriously, the small details really don't matter~, and even if it's just the time while you're watching our stage, please try to go back to your sincere self.

As for the answer...yeah...

you're the only one that knows it.

Also, the HP got newly renewed!

Those people who are able to see the PC, please take a look when you have time☆

Well then, let's make today one great day☆ 829LOVE☆



August 28 [Tue], 2007, 23:30

(no title)

It is finally tomorrow.

I can feel my emotions getting really high.
I really feel like I'm living~...
I am very thankful to be in this kind of position.

Every single person will put their emotions on the stage...
let's make tomorrow a good day.

The live and all the goods we're selling is all renewed.
Also, the music too...
We'd be glad if you guys have fun.

[their HP looks really nice!! It upgraded a lot from their HP before. It's nice that they're really moving forward now ^_^]

Bucchi icon
29th-Aug-2007 11:01 am (UTC)
Wow! The website is updated! The new look is really cool! But Kana's panikku look... he needs more eyebrow. >.>;;
29th-Aug-2007 11:37 am (UTC)
Thanks so much for translating these!
The new hp does look really nice now, I love their new looks *_*
29th-Aug-2007 03:15 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much for translating.
Ee, I wish I was there to be at the live.
3rd-Sep-2007 04:49 am (UTC)
Thanks for translating ^ ^ I celebrated 829 with my friends & we commented that we were curious about what Pani had to say.
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