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Panic Diary Translations
29th-Aug-2007 09:13 pm
So I got another request, so I'll keep translating the entries that talk about this year's 829 DAY for those who are interested ^_^
For now there is only Mayo and Meguru who wrote about it.
(sorry if these translations are annoying. I said I won't translate anymore and I'm still translating -_-;; If it's annoying, just tell me.)


August 29 [Wed], 2007, 23:56

(no title)
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Today was a Panic Channel sponsored live at Takada no Baba AREA.
I'd like to store away and treasure today into my heart forever!!
Thank you for moving me★ And I'm glad we got to spend the same time together. Really, thank you all very much!! I'll work hard starting from tomorrow again!!



August 30 [Thu], 2007, 6:55

(no title)
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Thank you all very much for 829 Day.

On stage...I had a moment where I felt a certain power come out from a special place which was not from the music or from the audience.
PANIC☆ch and Panic Channel both...

We'd like to use this kind of conclusion to start anew again and take one more step forward.

From the every day things...and with everything...
Thank you all for the many things we can't thank you all enough for.
If it's possible to pay you all back even just little by little...
we will work hard to do so.
Please keep supporting us~
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31st-Aug-2007 05:51 pm (UTC)
It seems like there are a few more entries from Kana, Meguru, and Kiri, I think. If you have the time and inclination... could you please continue for the panikku no hi entries?
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